Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for piano, guitar, violin, drum set,   
    clarinet, flute, saxophone, and voice.  Each weekly half-hour lesson is $17.  To schedule a time, call 
    (252) 678-4954 or e-mail themusicschoolofroanokerapids@gmail.com. 

Community Violin Class - Thursdays 7:30-8:15 p.m.
​No cost to participants* 
All players with any level of experience are welcome. We will play music from movies and musicals, as well as classic works from well-known composers.
*Class members are expected to bring their own instruments, although some rental instruments may be available. Rental instruments cost $10 and up per month.

No auditions are required for community ensembles. Registration may be done by phone, by e-mailing your name and desired ensemble to The Music School, or by filling out a contact form at the first rehearsal.

Passion + Creativity + Technique
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